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LUX - lednumerovalaisin

LUX - lednumerovalaisin


Toimitusaika n. neljä viikkoa.

Lasinen led-numerovalaisin sisä- ja ulkokäyttöön.

Sisä- ja ulkokäyttöön sopiva led-valaistu numerovalaisin.
Text color Black
Font face DIN 1451
Size of the markings (mm) 100
Width (mm) 200
Height (mm) 233
Thickness (mm) 23
Weight (kg) 1.0000
Manufacturing country Finland

This is how to place an order for a customized product:

1 - From drop-down menus select the desired options, the price of the product will change according to the selection
2 - Type the text you want on your product exactly as you would like it to be printed
3 - If there is a possibility to add your own picture or logo, upload an image file in correct format
4 - Choose how many similar products you would like to order
5 - Check your selections and spelling once more
6 - Click "Add to cart"

Fill all the information carefully, place attention especially on spelling and uppercase and lowercase letters. The text on the product will be made exactly as you have written it.

If possible, select the size, colour, border, font and fastening method. The price of the product will change if your selection has affect on price.

Type the text carefully and exactly as you want it to be printed. We do not make corrections on spelling etc.

The text, logo and image will be positioned as shown in product images. If you have wishes for example on how to position text, tell us them clearly on the "Instructions for the manufacturing" field.

If there is a possibility to add your own picture or logo for the product, please read the product description carefully throughout to make sure what type of file you should upload.

If you are unsure, ask us! Your order can only be canceled if the manufacturing process has not yet started.

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