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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using and Ordering from the Webstore

How can I make an order?

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to make an order is to use our webstore at Find the desired product, fill up required fields and click "Add to cart". When you have all the products you want to order in your cart, click "Checkout" at top of the page to fill up the shipping information and to finish the order.

If you cannot find the product you need from our webstore, please contact us with a web form or ask by email.

Do I need to register as a customer to order?
No, you don't need to register but then you cannot follow the order on our webservice.
What benefits do I have if I register my customer account?

The registered customers can follow their orders and make re-orders easily without the need to fill up all the required information again. Occasionally we also have special prices only for registered customers.

How do I search for the products?

On top right corner of the page is "Search entire store here" field. Type the name of the product, or part of the name, to this field and click the button with the magnifying glass. The search result list contains all the products with the typed word.


What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with credit card by using PayPal or Payson. Payson offers internet bank payments in Sweden and Finland also. In Finland You can pay in Your online bank by using Checkout Finland service.

You can pay online also with Bitcoin directly from your Bitcoin wallet.

When paying with wire transfer we provide our account information in general IBAN format by email. Always use the reference number provided with order confirmation. Please note that our account is in euros and the payer has to pay all the banking expenses (if you pay inside EU and the payment is done in euros there are no extra charges). Our bank account can receive also CHF, DKK, GBP, EUR, JPY, NOK, SEK and USD but extra 5,00 euros is charged by our bank. If you pay in any of these currencies, make sure your payment includes this extra cost + the currency exchange costs. The order is processed only if the full order amount is received.

The invoice is allowed only to trusted EU companies with valid VAT id. We will check the business report.

If you pick up your order from our warehouse, you can pay by cash (euros only, please have an exact amount) or debit and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, V pay, Electron, JCB) or with Bitcoins.

Do you charge extra payment costs?

If you pay with credit card or use online payment methods we don't charge any extra payment costs.

If you use wire transfer we don't charge extra costs but the customer is responsible for all the money transfer costs the banks might charge.

When paying with the invoice, an extra invoice fee is added to the order total.

Payment fees are shown to the customer before the order is confirmed.

Does the payment method affect to the shipping time?

We manufacture and ship the products when we have received the confirmation of the payment. If paid by credit card or online payment processor the confirmation will normally be in real time. If paid by wire transfer we start processing the order when the order amount is received to our bank account. If paid by invoice we will check the business report before processing the order.


What delivery method do you use?

International webstore orders are normally shipped by Priority Mail. Domestic shipping is either mail or Matkahuolto.

If your company has an agreement with a courier, please ask us to use that.

In Helsinki area the fastest way is to use our own transportation.

Our warehouse in Helsinki is situated at Ruosilantie 14 D
00390 Helsinki
FINLAND. You can pick up your order at "office hours" but please call us in advance (we might be out of office).

How long are the delivery times?

Normally we ship the stock products in two working days.

The products we manufacture for the customer are normally shipped within one week.

Some materials and products we don't have in stock but order from the importer separately. In those cases the orders are shipped in about two weeks.

The times to the shipments are shown in each product page.

We cannot guarantee the delivery times of the shipping carrier. Normal international delivery times are: Scandinavia 3–5 working days, the rest of Europe 3–7 working days and the rest of the world 6–14 working days.

How much are the delivery costs?

The delivery cost depends on the destination, the weight of the order and the selected shipping method (if available). You can check the delivery costs by adding the products the cart and on the cart page clicking "Estimate Shipping and Tax".

Product Information

What material the signs are made of?

The base of the basic signs is normally made of aluminium composite. The other base materials we use are aluminium, acrylic, corrugated plastic, plywood, cardboard and other plastics.

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